Wardend Fishery - Scottish flyfishing at its best!


Welcome to Wardend Fishery. The fishery lies in a quiet sheltered valley less than 5 miles south of Elgin. The spring fed water supply guarantees high quality and healthy, hardfighting fish.

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Wardend Fishery is known for  hardfighting trout. Visit us at Wardend's to face this challenge while enjoying the quiet surroundings. Find out more.


Deliver you a remarkable fishing experience - this is our objective. Our facilities such as the Main Loch, the Fishing Hut or others are here to serve you. More about the Facilities.


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June 2024: The days are long and the fishing is great, despite the cold and wet weather. 

We will have a first mid-summer charity fly fishing event @ the Wardend Fishery: Please join and raise money for the Buckie & District Cancer Support group.

SATURDAY, 15th of June, 11am to 5pm (click for more information)
See you soon at the mid-summer charity fly fishing and for more remarkable fishing moments @Wardend Fishery! Tight lines!

March 2024: The days are stretching and the temperatures are rising. Spring is in the air. 
We would like to invite you to our OPEN DAY @ the Wardend Fishery to welcome spring together. 

SATURDAY, 23rd of March, 11am to 3pm (click for more information)

See you soon at the Open Day and for remarkable fishing moments @Wardend Fishery! Tight lines!

December 2023: Christmas is coming closer and we stocked our Main Loch with a Christmas surprise for you. You might recognise it on the picture on the left. The catch reports are brilliant and a remarkable number of our Christmas surprise has already been caught. Are you ready for a Golden Trout?

A Merry Christmas to all of you and see you soon for remarkable fishing moments @Wardend Fishery! Tight lines!

November 2023: The nights draw in, the temperatures are low, but fishing @Wardend Fishery remains great. The catch reports are very good. 

Great #1: The fish are very healthy and hardfighting. 

Great #2: Several double-digit fish to the net the last few days. 

Great #3: Rumour said that some Blue Trout joined the "Wardend Family".

Remarkable fishing moments @ Wardend Fishery! Tight lines!


Late October 2023: We're grateful that we got spared from storm Babet and that the weather significantly improved for Sunday, 22nd of October. On this day the River Spey Anglers Association (https://riverspeyanglers.com/) held a Juniors' day at Wardend Fishery. It was a huge pleasure for us to welcome you and see so many happy young anglers (and parents!)! Everyone caught at least one fish and some kept it as their supper.

Another example of remarkable fishing moments @ Wardend Fishery! Tight lines!

October 2023: The water temperature has been coming down the last 3 weeks. It provides great fishing moments as the trout are feeding up for winter to come. As soon as the wind settles, the trout feed in the surface film. Despite some rather windy days the number of caught fish is at a very good level. 

New hiring rods and a range of flies for sales are available at the Fishery now.

Come to experience a nice time fishing at Wardend Fishery - tight lines!

August 2023: Some might say the weather of the last weeks isn't feeling like summer or summer holidays. True. However, the water level and the water temperature are perfect for nice fishing moments at Wardend Fishery. The number of caught fish and the hard fights of our trout are proof of.

Come to experience a nice time fishing at Wardend Fishery - tight lines!

May 2023: The longer days and the milder temperature definitely contribute to a brilliant angling day at Wardend Fishery. 

And so do the new arrivals at the Fishery: Mother duck and her ducklings and our surprise for you dear anglers: We put some more Brown Trout in the Main Loch. Look at these beauties - beautiful colours and remarkable size (average weight is 5lbs).

Come to the Fishery to see what is catching well and join the challenge of catching these new Brown Trout.

April 2023: After an unsettled month of March the weather changed for the good. Spring definitely arrived in Moray. The milder temperature and the longer days are appreciated by everyone. The Main Loch has been fishing really well and the morning and evening rises have been fantastic so far. Many anglers caught well above 20 trout - 2023 record so far: 48.
We welcomed new anglers and let them practise at one of our ponds before letting them face the challenge of catching a trout in the Main Loch. These new anglers discovered quickly why we keep on saying: Wardend Fishery - Tight Lines! 

Early March 2023: The mild February turned to a colder and snowy beginning of March. Despite the low temperatures the Main Loch is free of ice and the sun quickly melts the snow. Thus, we're open even during this cold spell. Wardend Fishery - tight lines!

Early February 2023: The early days of February were rather mild and some of them were a bit windy. However, the trout are very active and besides the high number of fish caught the level of fish is outstanding. Several fishermen reported catches well in the double digits range such as the 10+ lbs trout on the picture. Congrats to Jackie! Another example of remarkable fishing moments @ Wardend Fishery!

End of January 2023: The trout are very active after the frosty days. That's the reason for many remarkable fishing moments @ Wardend Fishery - tight lines!